Press Release: Major Accounting Update with New QuickBooks Integration

Press Release: Major Accounting Update with New QuickBooks Integration

Press Release: Major Accounting Update with New QuickBooks Integration

PracticePanther Announces Major Accounting Update with New QuickBooks Integration


Miami, FL— June 9, 2017As part of their continuing obsession with making a legal practice easier to run, PracticePanther is announcing new accounting features to better manage and reconcile your trust and operating accounts. The new updates gives PracticePanther members the ability to print checks, run a three-way trust account reconciliation, see more detailed reports, and sync everything with QuickBooks Online. Learn more about PracticePanther’s IOLTA trust accounting software for attorneys at

“We believe lawyers should spend less time on accounting, and more time practicing law” said David Bitton, co-founder and CEO of PracticePanther. “The goal of this update is to make accounting easy and fun! Th new integration with QuickBooks Online will ensure that you never need to worry about how you manage the accounting of your firm. It is one more thing you can automate so you can get back to earning more money.”

One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks lawyers face is bookkeeping. Lawyers need a dependable system to handle their invoices and make sure they are paid on time. PracticePanther’s intuitive billing features were designed to save lawyers time and make more money. A new integration with QuickBooks Online aims to make these features even better. QuickBooks Online is one of the easiest and most popular accounting tools available today. Their quick and easy system for recording bills, expenses, and payments is a great compliment to PracticePanther’s features.

The new integration will allow members to write and print checks directly from PracticePanther or QuickBooks Online, so legal vendors and clients can be paid instantly. The integration also allows members to link bank accounts in PracticePanther with bank accounts in QuickBooks, including both trust and operating accounts. This makes three-way trust account reconciliation easier than ever. Trust account balances can even be seen by contact and matter inside of QuickBooks Online. Truly, the two systems complement each other in ways designed to make firms more profitable.

Automation is right in line with PracticePanther’s mission of making a firm’s day-to-day tasks more straightforward. PracticePanther is quickly building a reputation in that field and has scored top marks for its ease-of-use.

Prospective customers are encouraged to browse PracticePanther’s website ( to learn more about how to automate their firms to save time, and make more money. New members can sign up for a free trial, with no credit card needed, and the ability to cancel or upgrade anything.



PraticePanther is an easy to use and secure legal case management software for thousands of lawyers and paralegals in over 170 countries worldwide. Attorneys and paralegals have a wide range of features to aid communication, document management, trust accounting, billing, and much more. PracticePanther integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Quickbooks Online, Dropbox, Zapier and a multitude of other online solutions that define a modern attorney’s workspace.



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