linkedin for lawyers

Linkedin for Lawyers

Many people refer to this era of time as the Digital Age, because there is so much technology floating around. It has allowed people to be able to connect with each other in new ways, such as through social media sites. There are many different sites like this out there, but one that stands out is LinkedIn. It can be a great resource for hardworking professionals, such as lawyers, to use to strengthen their business and spread their reach. Here are some great ways to do so.

Spread Your Influence

Here are some of the best techniques to use if you are looking to spread your influence, connect with more people, and get in touch with potential clients.

  • Keep Your Profile Updated: Although you probably have a perfectly good website or a corporate profile on your firm’s page, there may not be many people looking at it. On LinkedIn, there’s a better chance that someone that needs help will be able to see it. In fact, any of the approximately 400 million users can see you and connect with you. It is often said that the site’s profiles are online resumes, so make yours look good. Keep your details and information current and make sure your picture shows you in a positive light.
  • Connect With Lawyers and Other Professionals: Everyone who is on LinkedIn is probably there because they want to make business connections or find a new job. It is expressly designed to connect with people on a professional level, which means there are a lot of things you don’t have to worry about on the site that you would if you were using another social media site. Since this one is mainly dedicated to the workforce, you can find additional people in your line of work and other career-minded folks. It is a good idea to contact some of them, especially if you are interested in partnering up with people in the future, or you may need some help with a project. You never know what other lawyers can help with, or the type of expertise that can be found in various business professionals.
  • Create Groups and Join Relevant Ones: LinkedIn groups are a great way to get to talk to people that you may not be exposed to otherwise. You may have worked at the same place or share an interest or skill. You can communicate with them and become friends, so you can help them if they ever require something, or they can recommend you if they know someone who needs advice or assistance in your area of expertise.
  • Engage With Your Contacts: It’s a no brainer to connect with those that you already know well. Then you’ll be able to clearly see who they have worked for, what their expertise is, and more importantly, who they are connected to. Then you can be your friend’s friends, which can greatly expand your circle of acquaintances. As for your contacts that are just on LinkedIn, say hi sometimes or see how they are doing. You never know when it may pay off.
  • Find Old Friend and Co-workers: Another thing people use LinkedIn for is to search for old friends and people they used to work with. This is a great thing to do because it can rekindle old friendships that may lead to business partnerships, special projects, and who knows what else. If nothing else, it can inform you how others are doing and how their careers have been since you’ve been out of touch.
  • Check out Who’s Checking You Out: You are able to look at who’s been looking at your profile on this site. This can help you follow up by asking questions or inviting them to be in your circle. This may help you get new clients or connects because there could be a million reasons why they were accessing your profile in the first place. You won’t really know unless you ask them.

The Takeaway

LinkedIn is used by millions of people each month to look into prospective employees, professionals, or to just make connections. This can be leveraged into many different things which can help you out, especially if you are a lawyer. Any of the options mentioned above can help you, and they are easy to implement. It may take time, but before long, you should have a solid circle of contacts, each of which has the potential to help you get more clients and more connections.

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