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How to build a smart office on a budget, and impress your clients in the process.

David Bitton, CEO of PracticePanther, and Steve Fretzin sat down to address the massive challenge to time management that attorneys everywhere face. Sharing wisdom from both research and practical experience, David gave Steve (and you!) a wealth of tips about cost-effective tools that attorneys can incorporate into their practices, whether brand-new or long-established, to make the most of every minute–and impress clients in the process!

List of Cost-Effective Tools for your Firm:

Amazon Alexa or Google Home

Ring Doorbell

August Smart Lock or Kevo

Nest or Ecobee Thermostat

Nest Cam (theft alerts, employees coming/leaving)

WeMo Light Switch / Philips Hue Bulbs WeMo Smart Plugs

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