Lawyer’s Video Guide: 10 Tools To Automate Your Firm

Learn how to automate your firm using affordable, or even free tools online.

As he said himself, our CEO David Bitton is “obsessed” with all things automation! Check out his conversation with Steve Fretzin, during which he shares his wealth of knowledge about the best ways to automate your firm (and life). All of these highly efficient and easy-to-use tools are extremely cost effective-or altogether free. The best part? David’s passion for automation means he’s already done all of the trial and error for you!

List of Automation Options For Your Law Firm: – If this, then that – Artificial intelligent scheduling – Practice management software – Email snippets & snoozing or Buffer – Scheduled social posts

LawToolBox – Automated deadline calendaring– Virtual answering service – Notifications about you – Auto-fill forms & save passwords – Appointment scheduling


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Law Practice Management Software

Law Practice Management Software