The Internet is more important for business than ever before. Whether you’re a dog groomer or an immigration lawyer, there are online tools designed to make your job easier – and in the law field, there are multiple tools and services available to keep your clients happy and your business functioning smoothly.

One of the key benefits of using the Internet is efficiency. Online tools allow you to maintain good communication with your clients, which not only keeps their cases moving along smoothly, but also shows your commitment to keeping them happy. This is key if you wish to maintain larger clients and establish a good reputation within certain industries.

Let’s take a look at some of the key services that the Internet can offer you.

1. Use Online Webinar Services

It’s now possible to have meetings with clients and colleagues, no matter where they are in the world. Forget picking up the phone – you can use video webinar software to virtually discuss a new project, share slides and videos, and make plans. GoToMeeting is a popular webinar software solution for lawyers, but it’s not free. The cheapest service allows users to video chat with up to 25 different people, allowing users to call in on their iPhone, iPad, Android device, Mac or PC.

You can even record the session, making it easier to take notes and minutes.

For smaller projects, free software like Skype will do, allowing users to share their screens and communicate via video and audio. This is an extremely useful tool and one not to forget about, especially in the early stages of your firm.

2. Case Management Software

PracticePanther is by far one of the most convenient case management solutions for lawyers. It allows users to maintain communication with clients. Subscribers can add clients to lists and groups, attach detailed notes to their contacts, and keep track of emails between clients and colleagues.

There’s also a document management system, allowing users to access their important files on their mobile device wherever they are in the world, and even sync those files with co-workers. There are document templates available, and even a system that allows you to delegate tasks on the move.

PracticePanther brings together all the management features you need to get a law firm going, and with zero setup and training costs, free future upgrades, a free trial and a competitively priced $59/month per user cost, it’s ideal for everybody.

3. Virtual Receptionists

Your start-up law firm can have its very own receptionist, and without the cost of hiring somebody full time. Online receptionist services, like Ruby Receptionists, offer you somebody who can answer your calls, take messages and manage communication with clients.

Trained in professional telephone etiquette, your online receptionist will introduce clients to your services, and create an air of professionalism that goes a long way in this industry.

With a combination of your own professional receptionist, video webinar software and a content management system, you’ll have all the tools you need to start a law firm that values efficiency, communication and service.

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