So you’re a lawyer or law firm with lots of clients, but you feel as if your firm wastes a lot of time during the day that could be used on new and existing clients.  In fact, you’re probably right.  Many companies, not just law firms, waste a significant amount of time during the day.  This wasted time might go towards personal calls, outdated business management, or might simply result from being unorganized.  In a law firm, time is money, and any wasted time is hours not billed to new and existing clients. So, how do you minimize wasted time in your legal practice?  Here’s 5 ways lawyers can increase productivity in their law firm:

  1. At the end of the day, make a schedule for your next workday.  Having a schedule will keep you on task and never wondering what to do next.  Schedule your hardest tasks for first thing in the morning, so that it feels as if a weight is off your shoulders once you complete the difficult task.
  2. Avoid interruptions while working.  Don’t take calls while you’re working on a case.  Even if it’s a work-related call, it still distracts you and makes you lose your train of thought.  Schedule a block of time specifically for taking necessary calls.
  3. Take notes when meeting with colleagues and clients.  This shows that you mean business, and will also keep you from forgetting things later on.
  4. Track your time.  If you charge by the hour, shouldn’t you and your clients know exactly what happens during that hour?  Forget the clock, and consider investing in some time tracking software.  This will help you keep track of your time and exactly what you did during that time.
  5. Consider investing in a legal practice management software.  Sure, a small firm with one or two lawyers can manage their business with pen and paper, but a bigger firm needs a better solution.  Business management software can keep track of clients, cases, notes, bills, invoices, and more. Stop wasting time with pen and paper (or even a fragmented system), and invest in an all-in-one solution.  Many solutions out there are cloud-based and are charged on a subscription basis, meaning this won’t be expensive.  You will save significantly more time (and money) than you spend.  Bonus points if this software includes time tracking that directly manifests itself into an invoice.

If you have any additional tips to increase productivity in a legal practice or law firm, let us know in the comment section below.

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