How much do lawyers make? It varies from state to state and even by practice area. The American Bar Association, along with Glassdoor,, LawyerEdu, and the NALP, published stats about attorney salaries and what they typically average. We made an infographic to show which lawyers make the most money according to what they practice. Surprisingly, intellectual property attorneys make an average of $178,345 a year. That’s 50% more than corporate attorneys and double that of personal injury or divorce attorneys!

This is definitely interesting data if you’re still in law school unsure of what you want to practice, or even if you’re already in the workforce looking for a small career shift. Keep in mind though, sometimes a higher average salary can also mean longer work hours, more stress, and less time with your family.


The amount lawyers make changes every year, but these resources can help you determine an average of what they can except to earn based on their practice area.

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