What are the different types of lawyers in the world?


There’s a very popular question we always get here on our blog and that is “What are the different types of lawyers in the world?”

It’s interesting because of the different people who search for this. Some of them simply are looking to see what legal field they might want to go in if they decide to go to law school. Others may be searching because they are currently IN law school and have no idea what they want to do in life. Then of course there are those who are simply trying to find the right title for their new job which doesn’t even know what to call them anymore.

Before we get into discussing the different types of lawyers what do lawyers even do? Popular belief is that lawyers are people who put criminals in jail, or fight to get the innocent ones out of trouble or jail. When you think about a lawyer, you probably think of a smart person who spent a lot of time in school to get their degree and therefore make a lot of money in their career. So, even though most people picture a lawyer in a court room defending a client, thats just a tiny portion of their job. They have to do endless research and most importantly advise their clients through their trail.


Different types of lawyers in the world

  1. Criminal Lawyer
  2. Employment Lawyer
  3. General Practice Lawyer
  4. Family Lawyer
  5. Autism Lawyer
  6. Bankruptcy Lawyer
  7. Commercial Bankruptcy Lawyer
  8. Corporate Lawyer
  9. Deportation Lawyer
  10. DUI Lawyer
  11. Inheritance Lawyer
  12. Spousal Support Lawyer
  13. Wrongful Death Lawyer
  14. Discrimination Lawyer
  15. Construction Lawyer
  16. Birth Injury Lawyer
  17. Health Insurance Lawyer
  18. Contract Lawyer
  19. Accident Lawyer
  20. Traffic Lawyer

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