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What is a boutique law firm?
For decades, large law firms have been seen as the be-all and end-all of the legal profession, providing small, large and even individual clients with some of the best quality representation. As small firms grow, however  and as new areas of the law open up to fit the needs of growing industries  clients are turning to boutique firms to provide specialization. But what is a boutique law firm and why are they so popular? Well, these law firms are all about operating within specific areas of the law. Boutique legal firms are typically professional corporations or limited liability partnerships that look at just one area of the law, providing clients with expert and focused legal services. Typically, they are much smaller than most non-specialized companies, but it is possible to be a boutique firm with hundreds of attorneys working within the organization.
Why are they so widely used?
People are choosing to work with boutique firms simply because they know that their attorney is a specialist in an area of law that concerns them. Every single person who hires an attorney is concerned about getting the best result, and if a legal professional is a specialist in one area, it’s far more assuring for the client. Furthermore, as technology companies become far more varied and specialized, whole new areas of the law are opening up. From the Internet of Things, social media and self-driving vehicle algorithms, more and more companies are requiring specialist legal services to ensure that they are always acting within the law. Smaller, specialized legal firms can also offer a more personal service. This is an element of the industry that is often understated, and one of the biggest things that a small boutique law firm can rely on to gain custom and get the upper hand over the larger companies. Boutique firms are able to build up a personal relationship with their clients and get to know their background better. In many cases, this can help an attorney to create a more convincing legal case for court, or simply provide a custom service.
Access and efficiency are also major factors behind the rise of boutique law firms across Europe and America. In terms of efficiency, boutique law firms are more easily able to charge their client by their hour. Larger firms have too many clients and too many ‘moving parts’ to do this, often resulting in much higher costs for the
client. This is fine for big companies relying on a large legal firm for their years of experience, but this is not feasible for smaller clients who are working on a budget. Furthermore, with a smaller client base, a boutique law firm can get the job done far more quickly. Efficiency, access, personal service, and specialization make boutique firms an increasingly popular option for small and medium-sized businesses across the Western world.
It pays to work in a smaller firm, too
Whether you’re an attorney or a paralegal, working in a boutique law firm can be incredibly rewarding. Not only can you enjoy a more flexible work schedule thanks to the smaller quantity of clients, but legal professionals can also enjoy far more client contact. This gives you a great deal of experience working directly with a variety of clients. And, as a paralegal, it’s possible to gain client contact that would usually be reserved
only for attorneys. With limited staff as well, paralegals are able to perform far more substantive legal tasks, making it a perfect opportunity to learn and grow. Whether you’re in the legal business or you’re looking for reliable legal services,
boutique law firms offer a plethora of benefits.

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