Legal podcasts offer excellent content for legal professionals to stay current on trends when it’s most convenient for them. The top legal podcasts offer everything from current challenges in the legal industry, and emerging trends to marketing best practices — all in an easy-to-digest format on a morning commute or while working.

Podcasts also offer benefits for legal students who are looking for education to prepare for their career, including key information about starting and growing a law firm.

There are numerous podcasts available to fit any lawyer’s needs. Instead of shuffling through seemingly endless podcast options, lawyers and legal professionals can sample this list of our current favorite podcasts.


Website: LawNext

Duration: 30 minutes to 60 minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Hosted by lawyer, legal journalist, and publisher of LawSites, Bob Ambrogi, the LawNext podcast covers new innovations and technology driving the legal industry forward. During his weekly episodes, Bob interviews entrepreneurs, lawyers, legal technology companies, and others in the legal space on the future of law and what it takes to be a lawyer today.

The LawNext podcast hosts the movers and shakers of the legal technology space. Topics range from legal tech demos, acquisition announcements, legal technology trends, business development tips, and entrepreneur success stories.

Suggested episodes:

Be That Lawyers Podcast Logo

“Be That Lawyer” Podcast

Website: Be That Lawyer with Fretzin Podcast

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

Frequency: Twice weekly

Launched by Steve Fretzin, the “Be That Lawyer” podcast was created to demystify the most difficult aspects of sustainable growth for a law firm. His podcast covers innovative ideas, best practices, new methodologies, and practice tips for law firms.

Each week, Fretzin interviews top rainmakers, legal tech gurus, and marketing experts to find new ways to improve efficiencies and break down complex topics into simple and straightforward concepts.

“Be That Lawyer” is unique in that it discusses more of the business of law and running a legal practice than the legal industry itself, offering insightful tips and advice to help lawyers achieve their goals.

Suggested episodes:

  • Michael Delon: Creating Your Credibility – In this episode, Steve Fretzin and DeLon discuss topics like using books to grow a business, finding the right fit, and establishing credibility, authority, and thought leadership.
  • PracticePanther: 5 Marketing & Branding Tips Guaranteed to Drive Results for Your Law Firm – This episode features PracticePanther’s Strategic Partnership Manager Libby Luff, who provides critical tips and ideas for law firms to engage their marketing and branding.
  • Janet Falk: Public Relations 101 for Lawyers – In this episode, Janet Falk discusses the value of marketing and PR for lawyers and how law firms can elevate their practice with social media.
Legal Toolkit Podcast - Legal Talk Network

Website: Legal Toolkit

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

Frequency: Every two weeks

Ideal for innovative law firms, Legal Toolkit is a resource for lawyers and law firms to find solutions to improve their practices. This podcast keeps lawyers up to date on best practices, ideas, and services to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Founded by Jared D. Correia, Esq., CEO of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting, listeners can gain wisdom from a former practicing attorney who’s now become an expert legal consultant. He’s also the author of the American Bar Association’s “Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers.”

Suggested episodes:

Above the Law - Thinking Like a Lawyer Podcast - Legal Talk Network

Thinking Like a Lawyer

Website: Thinking Like a Lawyer

Duration: About 30 minutes

Frequency: Weekly

Focusing on legal news, Thinking Like a Lawyer is an entertaining and informative podcast for anyone getting started in the legal industry. Produced by Above the Law, Thinking Like a Lawyer features lively discussions with lawyers sharing insights on pop culture and relevant legal trends.

One of the unique aspects of Thinking Like a Lawyer is that the hosts, Elie Mystal, Joe Patrice, and Kathryn Rubino, use a combination of wit and intelligence to make dry topics engaging and interesting. Some of the topics they cover include First Amendment rights, eDiscovery, and Elon Musk.

Suggested episodes:

Reinventing Professionals

Website: Reinventing Professionals

Duration: 15 minutes or less

Frequency: Weekly

As the legal profession evolves at a rapid pace, the Reinventing Professionals podcast is a place for ideas and guidance on how those in the legal industry can navigate the shifting space. Each episode is roughly 10-15 minutes, offering quick, digestible information for the busy legal professional.

Ari Kaplan, host, attorney, author, and legal industry analyst, interviews top industry leaders to discuss law firm operations, business development tactics, legal technology, networking, and more.

Suggested episodes:

  • Best Practices for Reconnecting with Contacts — Ari is joined by Jason Levin with Ready, Set, Launch, LLC to discuss networking as a legal professional, the value of dominant ties, and more.
  • Aligning Wellness and E-Discovery — In this episode, Ari interviews Amy Sellars with CBRE on how the pandemic impacted e-discovery work, managing litigation support workload, and the importance of mental health.
Maximum Lawyer Podcast Logo

Maximum Lawyer Podcast

Website: Maximum Lawyer Podcast

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

Frequency: Twice weekly

Covering a range of topics, the Maximum Lawyer podcast is perfect for aspiring solo lawyers and senior attorneys alike. It’s hosted by two marketing-savvy attorneys, Jim Hacking and Tyson Mutrux, and explores crucial topics like practice management issues and lead generation for small firms.

Though it began as a solo law firm, Maximum Lawyer is now a vibrant community of global attorneys that share solutions, ideas, resources, and the challenges of law as a business. Along with the podcast, Maximum Lawyer has a private Facebook group, conferences, and its own Guild.

Suggested episodes:

  • Recovering From Loss, What I Know – This episode offers lessons on mental health from guest lawyer Johnnie Finch.
  • 10 Things We’ve Learned Since Starting the Maximum Lawyer Podcast with Jim and Tyson – In this episode, the podcast founders discuss the things they learned in the process of developing the podcast and the Maximum Lawyer movement.
  • Bold Women Lawyers with Sharon Christie – Nurse, attorney, and women’s business coach Sharon Christie is featured on this episode to discuss her insights for women lawyers in solo and small practices.

Podcasts offer inspirational and actionable content for lawyers and law students looking to improve their education or practice, stay up on industry trends, and enjoy some entertainment around the legal industry.