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Marketing Your Law Firm.

If marketing your law firm is a science, it may be the most inexact science ever discovered. The problem is simple: you realize you need to market your legal practice to succeed, but how exactly do you go about it? As great as it would be if you could just press a giant red button on your desk labeled “$$$” and wait for the profits to roll in, anyone who has ever tried their hand at marketing knows just how difficult it can be to find the right strategy for their practice.

Compounding the frustration involved with marketing is the undeniable reality of just how vital it is to the success of your law firm, in both the short-term and long-term. Make the right choices, and you may wind up on the cover of Forbes; make one little mistake, and you could wind up in Bankruptcy Court. No pressure, right?

B O O K  P R E V I E W

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Maria Barbera is the Marketing Director at PracticePanther. While in college, Maria explored campaign analysis from a variety of perspectives. She interned as a Head Features Editor and Analyst at Metro International News in New York, NY. At the same time, she was the Associate Editor for Features at The Eye Magazine. She worked with Equality Florida as a Field Campaign intern, as well as a Legislative Policy Intern for State Representative Darryl Rouson. She is tremendously passionate about the intersection of law and technology and the possibilities it holds for making the world a better place, which makes her tenure at a company as vibrant and innovative as PracticePanther all the more exciting. 


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