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As information safekeepers for the most inviolate confidences, law firms pose an appealing and tempting target for cyber thieves. Rather than going after the clients themselves, thieves are more frequently choosing to attack clients’ law firms.

The FBI notified law firms in March 2016 of a bold thief who advertised for a hacker to commit a sustained breach of several firms.

 In light of the growing concerns surrounding law firms being hacked, many clients are insisting that law firms follow strong cybersecurity protocols that at least match the client’s in-house protocols. 

In addition to maintaining expensive confidential information, the perception may be that as a third party, law firms do not employ robust cybersecurity. In fact, Bitsight found that the legal industry fares very well in ratings for strong security measures. “The Legal sector had the second highest percentage of companies with a security rating of 700 or higher, only trailing Finance and in-line with Retail,” according to Bitsight’s “Critical Third Parties: Exploring Data Security in the Legal Sector & Beyond.” 

On the other hand, a different study by ALM Intelligence found that law firms are lagging behind in cybersecurity. The data in “Challenges at the Intersection of Cybersecurity and Legal Services: Cybersecurity Surveys of Law Firms and Departments” point to the troubling conclusion that many firms are still struggling with cybersecurity.

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