CLE Eligible: Maximizing the Impact of Your Non-Attorney Staff While Remaining Compliant

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In this CLE program, PracticePanther’s Sam Alkoubey is joined by attorney Bert Diener, founder of 4iiz, to show you how today's law firm can hire and scale the impact of their non-attorney staff resources while remaining compliant with ABA guidelines. 

From automated processes, staff education, outsourcing, safety protocols, and more, we address common concerns many law firms have when adopting new processes to maximize the return on their staff.

This CLE program is in conjunction with the Beverly Hills Bar Association and is eligible for CLE credits in CA, FL, MS, NJ, and other applicable states*. This webinar is free for anyone to watch.

*Consult your local state bar for self-study CLE credit guidelines

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Run Time: 58:39

CLE Learning Objectives

You can download the course outline to follow along, here.

Key Questions When it Comes to Scaling the Impact of Your Non-Attorney Staff

  • How do I improve my ROI on payroll? 
  • How do you create the best environment to maximize the impact of your staff? 
  • How do I ensure I’m staying compliant as I implement these things?

Part 1: Improving Your Firm’s Payroll ROI

  • 3 types of hybrid staffing
  • How can I safely manage hybrid staff in my law firm? 

Part 2: Creating an Environment to Maximize Staff Impact

  • Getting the most out of cloud-based law practice management software
  • Three milestones of transitioning to cloud-based software
  • Educating staff on new technology
  • Educating clients on the new process at your firm
  • Limiting downtime when integrating a new system

Part 3: Best Practices to Ensure Compliance Across Your Firm

  • Your ethical duty and mitigating risk in a new legal landscape
  • ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and cloud-based computing
  • Maintaining digital file security at your law firm
  • Bake security protocols in your hiring process


Sam Alkoubey

Head of Sales @PracticePanther

Sam Alkoubey is the Head of Sales at PracticePanther, an all-in-one legal practice management software. Sam has a personal connection with loyal and new customers, as one of the first employees at PracticePanther.

Bert Diener

Attorney and Founder @4iiz

Bert Diener is the founder of 4iiz, a technology to help lawyers measure, manage and optimize their firm's client acquisition processes. The goal is simple: to continually improve your people, processes, and marketing.

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