How Attorneys Can Overcome the Fear of Asking for Business

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In today's market, it's important for attorneys to have sharp business development skills. However,  many attorneys have yet to master the art of the "ask" in a non-salesy manner. 

In this interactive workshop, learn how to best market yourself as an attorney and build your business development skills. 

During this workshop, you learn:

  • Why attorneys are afraid to make the ask
  • How to tailor your ask based on the audience
  • Strategies to avoid chasing a client 
  • What is takes to ensure long-term retention

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Run Time: 1:01:22


Andy Stimmel

Account Manager @PracticePanther

Andy Stimmel has been an account manager at PracticePanther for 5 years. He has extensive knowledge in the software's features and automation that allow legal professionals to gain time back in their day and boost productivity.  On a typical day, you can find Andy educating new firms about the platform and guiding them through the transition process.  You can book a custom demo with Andy and learn more about the time-saving features PracticePanther has to offer!

Steve Fretzin

Author and Business Development Coach for Attorneys

Steve Fretzin has over 20 years of experience coaching attorneys across all practice areas. He collaborates with attorneys to help them tap into and grow their business development skills. Steve has authored three books and is a contributor for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin and has published articles in several law magazines such as Attorney at Law and the National Law Review. He is also the host of the "Be That Lawyer" podcast. 

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Being a lawyers is more than just knowing the law; you have to be able to sell yourself to build your clientele. It's important for lawyers to remember they're selling a product. And just like any other product on the market, lawyers must know how to attract, sell and secure a "sale." 

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