10 Tips to Great Client Intake

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When you onboard a new client they will immediately be wondering if they made the correct choice in hiring you to represent them. Proving your expertise immediately is easier than you think, it all comes down to preparation and organization.

Join PracticePanther's Senior Marketing Manager, Nina Lee, and Jordan Ostroff, attorney and marketing expert for law firms as they discuss tips to creating a seamless client intake experience with the use of technology and marketing.

Topics discussed in this webinar:

  • Using data to understand your client
  • Proactive ways to prepare for every type of client
  • Automation tips for onboarding

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Run Time: 30:14


Nina Lee

Senior Marketing Manager @PracticePanther

Nina Lee is the Senior Marketing Manager at PracticePanther, an all-in-one law practice management software company. She leads the marketing department to create engaging campaigns that help legal professionals understand the power of legal technology.

Jordan Ostroff

Attorney and Co-Founder @LegalEase Marketing

Jordan Ostroff had always known he wanted to be a lawyer. That is until he realized that marketing was a real professional passion for him as well. He partnered up with some of the best marketing minds to form something totally new and different, a firm built for lawyers, by lawyers. That takes the long view to drive the most success for his fellow attorneys, and hopefully change some lives for the better.

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Client onboarding is a pivotal moment for many law firms. It's one thing to secure a new client, but it's even more important to follow through on the quality of service and reputation you presented during the prospecting phase. 

Showcasing your expertise with a clean and effortless client intake process will not only solidify your professionalism, but will ensure the client they made the right legal decision. 

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