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3 Pillars of Law Firm Growth

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In this exclusive three-part live stream series, Nina Lee, Senior Marketing Manager at PracticePanther, and Bert Diener, attorney and founder of 4iiz, will walk you through the Three Pillars of Law Firm Growth.  

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  • Part 1: Gaining Perspective (Run time: 44:49)
  • Part 2: Make $1M More Without Spending More on Marketing (Run time: 43:37)
  • Part 3: Automate Success with Marketing and Staffing for Profit (Run time: 47:37) 

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3-Part Series

Part 1: Gaining Perspective

Managing a law firm isn't easy. If you're not tending to a client, you're preparing for a case, all while trying to keep your time and books in your order. Once you're stuck in this cycle, it can be hard to find time to grow your practice. In this installment, you'll learn how automation can simplify processes in your law firm and give you time back in your day to focus on areas of improvement in your business. 

Topics covered include:

  • Simplifying processes at your firm
  • Targeting investment areas
  • Identifying your launch point 

Part 2 : Make $1M More Without Spending More on Marketing

Now that you've gained a new perspective in your firm, it's time to plan.  Marketing is vital to your law firm's growth, but it doesn't have to eat up your budget. In part two of the series, you'll learn how to tap into the value you already have and build a strategic marketing plan that capitalizes on your strengths. You'll find that showcasing true value goes farther than throwing dollars at flashy marketing.

Topics covered include:

  • Identifying areas of growth
  • Eliminating blind spots in your law firm
  • Building a cohesive plan to optimize future growth

Part 3 : How to Leverage Your Creativity and Boost ROI

Creativity is often a problem-solving exercise, and lawyers are inherently problem solvers. Now, how can you leverage the foundation you’ve established at your firm to truly automate and outsource the work? You build strategic processes driven by strong data and enlist a team that will support your success. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Becoming a Marketing Guru: Using data to go from random to precise strategies
  • Staffing For Profit: Filling seats with warm bodies to creative A players 
  • Automating Success: Turn the day-to-day of your law firm from a treadmill into a flywheel that runs on its own


Nina Lee

Senior Marketing Manager, PracticePanther

Nina Lee is the Senior Marketing Manager at PracticePanther, an all-in-one law practice management software company. She leads the marketing department to create engaging campaigns that help legal professionals understand the power of legal technology.

Bert Diener

Attorney and Founder, 4iiz

Bert Diener is the founder of 4iiz, a technology to help lawyers measure, manage and optimize their firm's client acquisition processes. The goal is simple: to continually improve your people, processes and marketing.

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It's no secret – lawyers are busy. However, traditional processes in the legal industry often add more obstacles than solutions in a lawyers day. By identifying areas in your practice that can be automated, you'll find that you have more time in your day for growing your practice than you think. 

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