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It’s easy for routine, non-billable tasks to fill your to-do list. As a busy lawyer, it’s more profitable to focus on your clients and more strategic activities rather than administrative and routine tasks.

In this recording we share some tips on how to improve your productivity by delegating and automating your day-to-day routine tasks. 

During this stream you’ll learn how PracticePanther and Virtual Paralegal Pros will save you time and money as we discuss: 

  • Your culture and the virtual world
  • A roadmap to growth and profitability

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Run Time: 29:16


Matt Orlinsky

Senior Account Manager @PracticePanther

Matt Orlinsky is an experienced legal consultant at PracticePanther and takes pride in helping law firms run their businesses. Since 2016, Matt has helped thousands of firms shift the management of their clients, cases, documents, and financials from server programs into the cloud. Matt has a passion for helping businesses implement technology to be as efficient as possible. His enthusiasm, positivity and genuine care for his clients is contagious at PracticePanther! Schedule a personalized consultation with Matt to see how your firm could benefit from PracticePanther.

Bob Howard

Chief Executive Officer @Virtual Paralegal Pros

Bob Howard is a recognized operations thought leader and Founder of Virtual Paralegal Pros. Since 1996, Bob and his partners have provided consulting and support services to hundreds of professional services firms including law. Since 2017, the firm has focused exclusively on law firms, providing Virtual Assistants to help reduce costs, eliminate turnover, improve profitability and accelerate growth.

Yvonne Visser

Vice President of Client Services @Virtual Paralegal Pros

Yvonne Visser is responsible for Sales, Business Development and Client Care for Virtual Paralegal Pros. She has an exceptional knowledge of law, the pressing challenges facing law firms and the industry in general. Yvonne is responsible for our firm’s accelerated growth and the high level of satisfaction our clients enjoy. A recognized coach and mentor, Yvonne brings a rare and highly valuable dimension to our consulting and outsourcing practice. Yvonne served on several legislative committees from 2004 to 2009. She is known for swiftly executing high-growth opportunities from concept to the closing of multi-million dollar projects. She has created several profitable corporate divisions by developing market strategies, and managing complex business relationships in government and industry. Recognized as an experienced coach and mentor, Yvonne has developed several high-growth sales teams.

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Automating routine tasks is a simple and effective way to check off those mounting to-do’s and with the combined power of Virtual Legal Pro’s and PracticePanther, it’s never been easier to accomplish. 

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