5 Marketing & Branding Tips Guaranteed to Drive Results for Your Law Firm

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Marketing, branding, and sales are the backbone to the “business of law,” and without these essential skills many attorneys will struggle and fail. 

In this workshop, expert attorney business coach Steve Fretzin joins Libby Luff, PracticePanther's Strategic Partnership Manager, to provide critical tips and ideas to help you engage this challenging element of your business. 

During this workshop, you learn:

  • How to make social media your friend
  • How to drive results using LinkedIn 
  • Marketing plays to build your brand
  • The difference between business building and marketing
  • Time management skills to streamline your life

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Run Time: 0:45:30


Libby Luff

Strategic Partnership Manager @PracticePanther

Libby Luff is the Strategic Partnership Manager at PracticePanther. She actively partners with companies and organizations across the legal industry to educate attorneys on the best practices for more effectively managing their practice. A marketing, sales, and operations professional with over 15 years of experience, Libby is passionate about collaborating with customers to turn their most strategic challenges into unlocked opportunities for their business.

Steve Fretzin

Author and Business Development Coach for Attorneys

Steve Fretzin has over 20 years of experience coaching attorneys across all practice areas. He collaborates with attorneys to help them tap into and grow their business development skills. Steve has authored three books and is a contributor for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin and has published articles in several law magazines such as Attorney at Law and the National Law Review. He is also the host of the "Be That Lawyer" podcast. 

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Being a lawyer is more than just knowing the law; you have to be able to sell yourself to build your clientele. It's important for lawyers to remember they're selling a product. And just like any other product on the market, lawyers must know how to attract, sell and secure a "sale." 

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