Exploring PracticePanther’s Law Firm Growth Matrix: How Law Firms are Unlocking Staff Capacity in 2023

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Oftentimes, scaling your law firm can be a challenging process. Instead of looking externally for quick growth opportunities, it can be more beneficial to first look internally to determine if bottlenecks from internal processes are the reason for your firm’s impacted growth.

In Part II of our discussion on the Law Firm Growth Matrix, we share insights on how to leverage the right technology and resources to build high effiency processes for your firm. Before the webinar, we invite you to take our five-minute growth quiz to uncover your law firm’s growth profile. 

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Mayowa Oyebadejo

VP of Marketing @PracticePanther

Mayowa Oyebadejo is the Vice President of Marketing at PracticePanther. Mayowa leads the vision of PracticePanther’s marketing through a customer-focused lens to provide solutions and resources that help law firms practice more, and manage less. 

Jessica Paxton

Product Marketing Manager @Smith.ai

Jessica Paxton is the Product Marketing Manager at Smith.ai, which provides 24/7 communication & intake services for businesses. Jessica is responsible for understanding customer requirements and needs, driving go-to-market strategies for new products and enhancements, and ongoing communications with customers and partners.

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Being a lawyer is more than just knowing the law; you have to be able to sell yourself to build your clientele and stand out from the competition. It's important for lawyers to remember they're selling a product. And just like any other product on the market, lawyers must know how to attract, sell and secure a "sale." 

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