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An Ethics Guide: Accepting Online Payments

Modern technology has made it easier for law firms to remain profitable with online payments, but there are a few best practices law firms should be aware of to stay compliant. 

This guide covers:

  • Why law firms have historically relied on paper checks
  • How the consumer switch to paperless lifestyles impacts firms
  • Ethical and compliance considerations for online payments

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Fast, convenient, and digital processes consume our lives from the way we pay bills to how we buy groceries. The consumer's lifestyle has changed as have their expectations from businesses.

So, what does this mean for the paper-dominant legal industry? The answer may seem clear: switch to online payments. However, for an industry built on strong tradition and ethics, this is easier said than done. 

The majority of law firms hesitant to adopt online payments are simply unfamiliar with modern technology and the safeguards it has to keep firms compliant. 

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