Best-Kept Automation Secrets of Top Performing Law Firms

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How do the top-performing law firms guarantee outstanding client results and remain highly profitable year over year? They do it by leveraging proven tools to automate their firms’ most common friction points, such as intake, client communication, workflows, and the billing process.

Join Libby Luff of PracticePanther and Joe Ruotolo & Cloe Belle of Intaker for a webinar about the best-kept automation secrets that give the most successful law firms an edge over their competition.

We’ll cover:

  • Streamlining your intake with best-in-class automation systems
  • Utilizing simple workflows to reduce everyday busywork
  • Leveraging popular payment options to get you paid faster
  • Understanding the power of integration to minimize manual data entry

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Run Time: 48:56


Libby Luff

Strategic Partnership Manager @PracticePanther

Libby Luff is the Strategic Partnership Manager at PracticePanther. She actively partners with companies and organizations across the legal industry to educate attorneys on the best practices for more effectively managing their practice. A marketing, sales, and operations professional with over 15 years of experience, Libby is passionate about collaborating with customers to turn their most strategic challenges into unlocked opportunities for their business.

Joe Ruotolo

Strategic Partnerships Manager @Intaker

Joe is the Strategic Partnerships Manager at Intaker. His mission is to help agencies and channel partners equip their clients with the best-in-class chat and conversion tools to ignite their growth.

Cloe Belle

Product Marketing Associate @Intaker

Cloe is the Product Marketing Associate at Intaker. She provides world-class education to the legal market, informing attorneys and decision-makers about the fast-changing landscape that impacts the growth and success of their law firms.

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