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Assess True Case Profitability With PracticePanther’s Latest Feature

To truly understand the profitability of each case, law firms should maintain visibility not only into their billable time but their non-billable time as well. Understanding the all-in value of your cases can help increase your bottom line and the overall success of your firm. 

Watch out webinar where we explore our latest feature enhancement that empowers law firms to understand the value of their non-billable time — as well as strategies to improve efficiency and get more value out of each case. You’ll learn:

  • How tracking non-billable time in PracticePanther can identify patterns, opportunities, and areas for improvement more precisely. 
  • How to effectively implement automation throughout a case to reduce non-billable time.
  • How upcoming PracticePanther updates will help you increase your internal efficiency.

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Matt Orlinsky

Head of Sales @ PracticePanther

Matt is the Head of Sales at PracticePanther and takes pride in helping law firms run their businesses. Since 2016, Matt has helped thousands of firms shift the management of their clients, cases, documents, and financials from server programs into the cloud. Matt has a passion for helping businesses implement technology to be as efficient as possible. 

David Silberberg

Product Owner @ PracticePanther

David is the Product Owner at PracticePanther, an all-in-one legal practice management software. For over 5 years, David has spoken to thousands of lawyers about the most efficient and cost-effective ways of operating their firms with PracticePanther. David is an expert in every aspect of the platform and is focused on delivering value to customers.

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