7 Strategies to Improve Your Firm’s Billing Cycle

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Billing clients can be a hassle. Sending invoices, tracking who has-and-has-not paid, and following-up can be time consuming. We can help you optimize the payments process, and start taking back your time — and money.

PracticePanther’s Parsa Hemati will guide you on building a streamlined billing process to prompt your clients to pay their invoices online — and on time.

Learn how to use PantherPayments to:

  • Streamline client intake to introduce payments
  • Request payments and retainers with custom links
  • Save time on invoices and emails
  • Use automatic reminders to reduce overdue invoices
  • Simplify communications with eSignature and secure text-messaging

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Run Time: 25:04


Parsa Hemati

Payment Specialist @PracticePanther

Parsa is part of the Payments team here at PracticePanther. After graduating from The University of Arizona, Parsa began his career as a Business Immigration Analyst at Fragomen, one of the leading Immigration Law Firms in the US. He uses his experience at Fragomen to help ensure customers at PracticePanther have the most efficient billing process they can.

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You're familiar with the ease and flexibility of paying online, why not incorporate it into your practice? Offering a payment option that your clients use on a daily basis and allowing them to safely store their information will prompt them to pay you faster. 

Not only are online payments a great experience for your clients, but you'll gain a new high-level insight into your law firm's financial health that can help you grow your business by allowing you to make more informed decisions. 

It's a win-win. 

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