Law Firm Growth Hacks: 6 Strategies to Build a Client Intake Machine

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You've done everything right — graduated from a distinguished law school, helped build a great law firm, and developed a stellar track record serving your clients. What many attorneys don’t realize is that responsiveness and efficiency in the initial intake process can actually be a larger driver for client decision-making than firm credentials and expertise.

Join Libby Luff of PracticePanther and Ashley Fisher-Nelson of AbbyConnect to learn how to increase your firm’s ability to win new business through a streamlined, efficient, and responsive intake process. 

In this discussion, we cover 6 Leading Strategies to Build A Client Intake Machine, complete with the latest trends and best practices your firm can begin implementing immediately.

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Run Time: 49:25


Libby Luff

Strategic Partnership Manager @PracticePanther

Libby Luff is the Strategic Partnership Manager at PracticePanther. She actively partners with companies and organizations across the legal industry to educate attorneys on the best practices for more effectively managing their practice. A marketing, sales, and operations professional with over 15 years of experience, Libby is passionate about collaborating with customers to turn their most strategic challenges into unlocked opportunities for their business.

Ashley Fisher-Nelson

Director of Demand Generation @AbbyConnect

Is the Director of Demand Generation at AbbyConnect. Ashley is a creative and energetic sales executive with vast marketing and business-to-business sales experience. She has mastered the art of relationship building at every level and understands how to strategically create processes that drive leads through the funnel. 

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