Beyond the Billable Hour: 4 Tenets to Building a Successful Law Practice and Personal Life

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With billable hour requirements and client demands, building a balanced and professional life as a lawyer can be incredibly challenging. But it doesn't have to be impossible.

For over a decade, Jen Lee traveled the path many of you are on—founding, managing, and eventually selling a successful law firm. She now works as a legal consultant helping attorneys create fulfilling careers on their own terms. Her journey is a testament to achieving a balanced career.

Jen Lee joins Libby Luff for an engaging discussion about the 4 key tenets she implemented in her practice to achieve optimal success without trading off on her personal life.

In this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into:

  • How to set policies and manage expectations while nurturing strong client relationships
  • Proven tips to maximize efficiency at your firm while minimizing staff burnout
  • Jen’s story and the strategies she employed to develop a career centered on a balanced work/life approach 

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Jen Lee

Founder of Lawyer Success Network

 With over 12 years of experience in bankruptcy law, Jen has leveraged her knowledge to guide individuals and companies through the complexities of debt, credit, and financial stress. Her impact extends beyond her legal practice by helping lawyers and law firms develop innovative products and services through her Lawyer Success Network® group and strategic consulting. In her spare time, Jen loves to nerd out on marketing, business development, and law practice management. 

Libby Luff

Strategic Partnership Manager 

Libby Luff is the Strategic Partnership Manager at PracticePanther. She actively partners with companies and organizations across the legal industry to educate attorneys on the best practices for more effectively managing their practice. A marketing, sales, and operations professional with over 15 years of experience, Libby is passionate about collaborating with customers to turn their most strategic challenges into unlocked opportunities for their business.

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