Will Tesla’s power initiatives in Puerto Rico change energy laws?

With Tesla’s employees working around the clock ensuring the company aids Puerto Rico in the restoration of power, a question has arisen. Is Tesla going to try to take over its grid?

As soon as it was safe to start sending aid to Puerto Rico, after both Hurricane Irma and Maria, Tesla delivered several hundred Powerwall Systems, standalone power banks, and employees for installation. But what does this mean for the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA)? PREPA is a government-owned electric company and the sole distributor of which serves the entire island. Will PREPA’s attorneys fight for the removal of these Powerwall systems?

PREPA, who just filed for bankruptcy on July 2, 2017, was already struggling. Now, with Tesla on the island, is the world watching to see if Tesla recreates the microgrid in Ta’u, located in American Samoa, which covers almost 100 percent of its electricity needs? Because all of Puerto Rico lost power, it may be the perfect plan. Could this be the perfect plan to influence how the United States views solar power?

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Jaliz Maldonado

Jaliz Maldonado

Operations Manager at PracticePanther
Jaliz Maldonado is the Director of Human Resources and the Operations Manager for PracticePanther, the #1 rated legal case management software in the world. Her growth trajectory at PracticePanther is not isolated; as an eight-year Army veteran, Jaliz rose through the ranks to become a Staff Sergeant. Following her honorable discharge, Jaliz obtained a degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. Since joining the company, she has channeled her talent and organizational skills into streamlining the company’s operations, maximizing efficiency, and creating a cohesive plan to cultivate and maintain its incomparable culture. Jaliz has quickly risen to a role characterized by her extraordinary ability to multitask. This uncanny capacity to wear several different hats, all the while proving her capability of putting on, even more, is highlighted by Jaliz’s obtaining her MBA from the University of Miami with a focus in finance while coordinating all of the operations of a tremendously successful up-and-coming company such as PracticePanther.