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Law Firm of the Week: Lawfully Yours

Firm Details: Firm Name & Slogan: Lawfully Yours Location: Aurora, Ontario, Canada What does your firm do? Small Claims Court, Civil matters up to $25,000, Landlord and Tenant Tribunals, Human Rights, Quasi Criminal, theft under $5,000, Provincial Offences, Hwy traffic, and more. See for a full review of all the legal services offered by Lawfully Yours. See […]

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Paralegal Superstars: An Ode to the Unsung Heroes of Law

Legal dramas are common-place on television and film. I think most people dream of the chance to yell “I object, Your Honor” at some point. Likewise, who can’t recognize the gavel sound effect from Law & Order? However, I always questioned how these thin, gorgeous attorneys were able to manage their caseloads. They seemed more […]


The Best Online Legal Software for Paralegals

The Best Online Legal Software for Paralegals So, you want to help your law firm become more organized, manage the attorney’s time and billing better, and make your life as a paralegal a whole lot easier? Today you most likely find yourself doing more work then the attorney’s themselves with all the calls, appointments, document scanning, […]


How to find the best Law Practice Management Software Online

The Best Law Practice Management Software Online What characteristics make up the best law practice management software? There are so many different factors to consider. Price. Ease of use. Training. Support. Features. And countless others. The list is endless. One of the first tips we offer any lawyer, attorney, paralegal, or law firm when searching […]


10 Tips for Using a Legal Assistant Software You Must Try NOW

  10 Tips for Using a Legal Assistant Software You Must Try NOW So, you’ve recently decided to invest in a legal assistant software.  Congratulations!  Beginning to use a legal assistant software can be a daunting experience, especially if you’ve never used any similar software before.  Lucky for you, we’re here to help.  Here are […]