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PracticePanther helps law firms of all sizes manage their complex and fast-moving cases with ease through powerful automation and robust workflows — from any device.  

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Features designed to make your life easier.

Our law practice management software features are designed to help you get more done, faster. Manage your cases, documents, and everything in-between.

Do a lot of the same — effortlessly.

Automate workflows like on-boarding a new client, processing a payment, and more. Apply our one-click templates and watch as the tasks and events get automatically created for you.

Seamlessly manage contacts, cases, and data.

Did you know most law firms misplace 50% of their data because it’s stored in missing emails, folders, and desktops? Stick with us and you will never lose a contact or matter detail again.

Access need-to-know data anytime, anywhere.

In the office or on the road, access case details via your smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop. If you need the information, we know how to get it to you.

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PracticePanther is available on any device - anywhere!

The ease of PracticePanther has made me a client for life!

PracticePanther helps me 

track everything!

"PracticePanther has revolutionized my practice, saving me time with its user-friendly case management & invoicing system. I can access it anywhere!"

PracticePanther grants me 

full access to everything I need, helps me track banking info, my time, and info much more efficiently. All for a great cost.

PracticePanther has revolutionized my practice, by saving me time with its user-friendly case management & invoicing system. I can access it anywhere from any device!

For me, the billing aspect of PracticePanther remains the selling point to this day.

The ability for my clients to pay their invoices with PantherPayments has decreased my ongoing A/R, and frees up the time it took to run credit cards.

Carmina K. Hirsch, Esq.

Family Attorney

Law Offices of Hirsch Legal, LLC

Mandy A. Jamison, J.D.


Jamison Law LLC

Brandon Leopoldus


Leopoldus Law

An All-in-One Legal Practice Management Solution


Manage your contacts & matters. Import data. Run conflict checks and stay aligned across your firm.

Time Tracking

Never miss another billable minute again. Track & bill time from any device, on any screen in PracticePanther. 

Intake Forms

Eliminate manual data entry. Send unlimited custom intake forms online. Get them signed with built-in eSignature.

Client Portal

Keep clients up-to-date on their case. Share files, send secure messages, and texts, assign tasks & more.

Calendaring & Email

Sync your calendar and email with Gmail & Outlook. Receive daily task reminders and progress through workflows.

And more...

Create tasks and workflows. Manage documents. Accept online payments, and communicate via native SMS.


Bill for time, expenses, flat rates, & contingency. Get paid seamlessly with built-in online payments processing and collect faster with custom payment links.


Manage trust and operating accounts directly in PracticePanther.

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