Lawyer's Video Guide: An Automated Client Intake Workflow

Lawyer’s Video Guide: An Automated Client Intake Workflow

Check out this conversation between Steve Fretzin and David Bitton, during which the PracticePanther CEO is given the (very difficult!) task of narrowing down all of the software’s awesome features into a short-list of the most exciting. Be sure to watch to watch David describe PracticePanther’s incomparable features meant to help lawyers in going paperless, […]

Lawyer’s Video Guide: Creating an Automated Smart Office

How to build a smart office on a budget, and impress your clients in the process. David Bitton, CEO of PracticePanther, and Steve Fretzin sat down to address the massive challenge to time management that attorneys everywhere face. Sharing wisdom from both research and practical experience, David gave Steve (and you!) a wealth of tips […]

Immigration Plan Holds Multiple Legal Implications

Immigration Plan Holds Multiple Legal Implications

A(nother) New Immigration Plan Late this March, the Trump administration announced a proposed immigration plan to substantially increase the vetting of the social media accounts of individuals applying for immigrant and non-immigrant visas to come into the United States. The plan consisted of requirements for the vast majority of applicants to submit five years’ worth […]

Lawyer's Guide to Understanding The Legal Risks of ICOs

Lawyer’s Guide to Understanding The Legal Risks of ICOs

Where there are profits to be won, lost or stolen, then governments and their rules, regulations, and laws surely follow. So it is with cryptocurrency and ICOs. The first bitcoin appeared on the cyber-scene in 2009 when the anonymous person or group called Satoshi Nakamoto created the first Bitcoin block. Since then, the exchange of […]

Breach Breakdown: Don’t Pull a Facebook

Breach Breakdown: Don’t Pull a Facebook

In late March 2018, the world wide web was shaken up by the news of a massive data breach that occurred three years earlier on Facebook, one of the largest and most widely populated social media platforms in existence. The data breach, perpetuated by UK-based political campaign-driven data collector Cambridge Analytica (CA), was initiated by […]

How the Exeter Racism Scandal Holds Lessons for Law Firms

Exeter Law School’s Racism Scandal Holds Lessons for Law Firms

Exeter Exposed Early last week, a student at the University of Exeter Law School shook the internet by sharing photographic evidence of a group chat, populated by a few of his peers and rife with explicit racial slurs and discriminatory statements, among other violent and vitriolic texts. Arsalan Montavali, the courageous student who decided to […]

You Mad(ness)? Examining the Legality of Company NCAAM Championship Brackets

  ‘Tis the season to fill out brackets, and there’s no denying that betting on the NCAA is a practice almost as traditionally apple-pie-all-American as decking your halls with boughs of holly. As of exactly ten years ago, 27% of the American workforce participated Championship office brackets, racking up a staggering overall $2.5 billion in […]

Put Your Money Where You Medal Is- Examining the Olympic Tax

Winning a medal at the Olympics is a comparable culmination of professional achievement for athletes, an elevation of athletes from high-performing people to bona fide national heroes. From becoming household names to finding their likenesses on cereal boxes, Gatorade bottles, and Nike commercials, Olympic medalists see a chain of events following their victories that not […]

8 African American Attorneys Who Shaped Our Nation

8 African American Attorneys Who Shaped Our Nation

Since the founding of our nation more than 240 years ago, African Americans have experienced, bore witness to, suffered, and ultimately confronted the systemic racial discrimination present in virtually all aspects of everyday life. Although one would hope the legal profession, based on fundamental ideas of equality and due process, would be mostly immune from such […]

Women in the Law Profession

Women in the Law Profession

It’s undeniable that the last century has seen massive progress for the representation of women in the legal profession. When measured up against the beginnings of legal education in what became the United States, the current standing of women in law seems exponentially progressive. This progress, although undeniable, has been comprised of innumerable small steps […]