Prospective Law Students: The LSAC Announces Its Digital LSAT Platform Jaliz Maldonado

Prospective Law Students: The LSAC Announces Its Digital LSAT Platform

The Law School Admission Council announced in early October that it is going digital. Starting in July 2019, the Law School Admission Test will be administered on a tablet with its own program developed and patented by the LSAC. The digital version offers stronger security with an aim to provide a better experience for the […]

Legal Business: 10 Steps To Take To Avoid A Law Firm Failure Jaliz Maldonado

Legal Business: 10 Steps To Take To Avoid A Law Firm Failure

An attorney is trained to practice law. This doesn’t mean that they don’t make for great business-minded individuals, but it does mean that their postgraduate collegiate career was more than likely not focused on business administration. During law school and their first outing into the practice of law, it’s imperative that attorneys who aspire to […]

9 Steps to Launching Your Successful Legal Career Jaliz Maldonado

9 Steps to Launching Your Successful Legal Career

You’re about to complete your law degree program – or perhaps you have. Either way, you’re undoubtedly excited to be launching what is sure to be an outstanding legal career. But where do you set a real-world foundation for a fruitful legal career? You’ve been to see your career counselor, looking for inroads into the […]

A Law Student's Ultimate Resource

A Law Student’s Ultimate Resource

There’s no denying that law school is quite the overwhelming experience. From tackling examinations, internship applications, and extracurricular involvement to climbing daily mountains of homework, law students certainly have a considerable amount on their plates at any given time. To call the average law student an overachiever feels almost like an underestimation, so it’s not […]

The PracticePanther Law School Scholarship

  We’re in the business of managing legal practices, which means that, aside from lawyers, PracticePanther may be among those who know best just how difficult and time-consuming it can be to organize and automate an attorney’s entire professional arsenal. This is just one of the reasons why we encourage that rising attorneys familiarize themselves […]

Some of the Highest Medical Malpractice Settlements in Recent History

Malpractice is a threat that not only hangs over the medical community but also the patients and their families. Below are just a few of the highest medical malpractice settlements in recent history. Johns Hopkins Hospital In 2014, this hospital in Baltimore, Maryland had to pay a settlement of $190 million to 8,000 plaintiffs. This […]

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5 Time Management Tips for Law School Students

  So, you just got accepted into law school. Congratulations! Who knew doing keg stands at the Beta House kegger would lead to this? Law school will bring new experiences and challenges. Law school is very stressful. Students often feel overwhelmed by the demands and deadlines of law school. There will be new stresses to […]