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Take the Blue Pill: The Advantages of the Matrix and Becoming a Virtual Paralegal

  As we pointed out in an earlier article, law firms need to move to the Cloud. AI technology and practice management software is automating many jobs done by humans. It is tempting to take the red pill. The urge to fight our machine overlords is great. However, the machines have already won the war. So, […]


Law Firm of the Week: Odroniec Suarez, P.A.

Firm Details: Firm Name & Slogan: Odroniec Suarez, P.A. “The anti-stuffy law firm. Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida What does your firm do? Our law firm doesn’t just understand the law, it understands businesses. We cater to and exclusively serve entrepreneurs, especially serial entrepreneurs, and small to mid-sized businesses. We do everything from business consulting to […]


Law Firm of the Week: The Merman Law Firm

Firm Details: Firm Name & Slogan: The Merman Law Firm / Personal Service for Personal Injury Victims Location: 743 W. 18th St., Houston, Texas 77018 What does your firm do? The Merman Law Firm is dedicated to providing the highest level of personal service to its clients who have been injured by the negligence of […]

New Technologies

How to Avoid the Most Common Malpractice Claims

Malpractice claims are shockingly simple to get. The most common claims are the result of simple laziness or bad record-keeping. Thus, the following are useful tips to help lawyers avoid these claims.   Be an Early Bird Missed deadlines are the most common source of malpractice claims. There are many ways to miss a deadline: you forgot, […]

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Are you spending too much time managing legal documents?

  Spending too much time managing legal documents? It’s an easy trap to fall into. No matter what field you specialize in, your clients will require plenty of attention paid to their own documents, new documents to be produced, and other materials filed for reference.   Hiring a paralegal can certainly help with this task, […]

From culture to technology - How to accurately track billable hours

From culture to technology – How to accurately track billable hours

    Managing and tracking your billable hours is about more than just accurately tracking the hours you spend working on a case. A client will expect his or her attorney to operate logically and fairly, putting in exactly the right amount of hours into a particular case. For this reason, tracking your billable hours […]