(Webinar) Mastering Microsoft Word with Chelsey Lambert

Chelsey Lambert, solo & small firm legal technology expert from, teaches us how to master Microsoft Word so you can save time and get more done faster.

Webinar recorded on June 29, 2017 hosted by David Bitton, CEO at PracticePanther.

What you will learn:

  1. Must know formatting features.
  2. How to save time with styles.
  3. Why drafting documents is easier with Quick Parts.

Downloads & Links:

  1. Microsoft Word cheat sheet shortcut list
  2. How to number paragraphs
  3. Creating a multi-level list
  4. How to Create a Digital Signature Stamp by Catherine Sanders Reach of the CBA


  1. Have you ever worked on a document, and just before you finished been derailed by a formatting issue?
  2. Spending minutes… or even hours trying to fix paragraph alignment, spacing or add line numbers?
  3. Microsoft Word can be one of the most frustrating, or powerful tools in your office. It’s all in how you use it.
  4. In this session, we break down and explain the features that will take your documents from dreadful, to delightful in just minutes.

About Chelsey Lambert:
Chelsey Lambert is Solo and Small Law Firm Technology Specialist, published Author and CLE Speaker. She was a consultant and technology trainer as a Practice Management Advisor for the Chicago Bar Association. Today, she writes the legal technology blog


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