(Webinar) Growing a Solo or Small Practice with Steve Fretzin


Steve Fretzin, premier business coach, speaker, and author on business development for attorneys teaches us 5 ways to guarantee success when building your book of business.

Webinar recorded on August 11, 2017, hosted by David Bitton, CEO at PracticePanther.


What you will learn:
1. Why “winging it” is not an effective strategy.
2. How networking can zap away your time.
3. Why you probably hate the word “sales”.
4. What you can do to make business development easier and even fun.


About Steve Fretzin:
Driven, focused and passionate about helping attorneys to reach their full potential, Steve Fretzin is regarded as the premier business coach, speaker and author on business development for attorneys. A published author and premier business coach, Steve Fretzin has devoted his career to helping lawyers master the art of business development to achieve professional freedom. His first book, “Sales-Free Selling: The Death of Sales and the Rise of a New Methodology,” guides attorneys through the essentials of acquiring new clients and building enduring professional partnerships.


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