(Webinar) How to Advertise Online and Make More Money with Jason Marsh

Jason Marsh, digital marketing expert and founder of the digital marketing agency Marsh8, teaches us how to advertise online & make more money.

Webinar recorded on June 16, 2017, hosted by George Llizo, VP of Marketing at PracticePanther.

What you will learn:

  1. Build profitable Google & Facebook ads.
  2. Find your ideal clients and make a plan to attract them.
  3. How to get a high ROI for your firm./


  1. Digital advertising is highly targeted, measurable & scalable
  2. We have two unique tools when advertising: branding & direct response
    1. Branding: customer perception, awareness, and how you distinguish yourself from others
    2. Direct Response: an ad that drives people to take an action
  3. Think about who your audience is so you do not cast your net too wide. Think about prospective clients, influences (media, professional associates), and legal professionals.

About Jason Marsh:
As the founder of digital marketing agency MARSH8, Jason is the Co-Chair of the ABA’s Law Practice Division, Client Development & Marketing Committee, and a frequent speaker at legal conferences and associations across the country.

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Eddy Bermudez

Eddy Bermudez

Eddy grew up in Miami, Florida and went to graduate school at the University of Chicago where he studied postcolonial and feminist literature with an emphasis on food studies. Bermudez worked as an Adjunct Professor for both Miami Dade College and St. Thomas University and a Lecturer for the University of Miami. He is currently the Content Marketer and Chief Imaginist for PracticePanther.