Top FIVE Ted Talks for Lawyers (1)

Top Five TED Talks for Lawyers

Top FIVE Ted Talks for Lawyers (1)

Top Five TED Talks for Lawyers

TED talks are part of a global conference run by the non-profit Sapling Foundation, giving people the floor to speak about what they find passionate, and share it with the world. Here we compiled five of the best TED Talks that attorneys and paralegals may find interesting.

1. Phillip K. Howard–Four ways to fix a broken legal system:

In this TED Talk, Phillip Howard, found of Common Good, gives us four ways in which he thinks will simplify and eliminate problems in US law. Howard gives all of us lawyers a sense of hope in this TED Talk.

2. Michael Shermer–Why people believe weird things:

Michael Shermer, publisher of Skeptics Magazine, explains to us why and how people train themselves to overlook facts and believe superstitions.

3. Charmian Gooch–Launching a new era of openness in business:

Anti-corruption activist and Global Witness co-founder Charmian Gooch talks about the corruption behind companies and who they are protecting.

4. Drew Curtis–How I beat a patent troll:

Drew Curtis, founder of, tells his story about a company with a patent trying to sue him. Lawyers may find this informative and interesting.

5. Clay Shirky– How the internet will (one  day) transform government:

Clay Shirky talks about how democracies can learn a thing or two from the internet–and how it can engage and learn from all of our citizens.


We hope you found these TED Talks both inspiring and interesting.

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