The Top Benefits of Using oDesk.com


What is oDesk?

oDesk is a platform that allows you to hire any freelancer to do any job you ever dreamed of. Need a virtual assistant? No problem. Need some help fixing an issue on your website? Easy!


You are able to post jobs you need done for free on oDesk, and then freelancers are able to create profiles to showcase themselves and their skill-set. These freelancers are able to bid on jobs being offered. oDesk makes their profit by charging only 10 percent of the payment for the work done. Payments are also made conveniently right through oDesk. They offer many bookkeeping tasks for transactions made and the length of each transaction is six days. Although freelancers can be from all over the world, the site is entirely in English and all transactions are made in U.S. dollars for your convenience.


What oDesk Specializes In

Although oDesk offers freelancers and agencies who can complete just about anything that can be done on a computer, they do specialize in some areas. They specialize in web development and a wide variety of programming and software development skills, graphic design, writing and administrative support.



Choosing the Right Person

So, whether you need a writer for a small blog post or someone to completely develop a website for you, you want to choose the right talent for your project. Be sure to write a great job post that describes exactly what you need done and what your looking for in the final execution. You will quickly find qualified applicants for whatever it is you need. Now, if interested, they will submit a cover letter and a link to their oDesk profile where you can see their previous work done. It is basically like a resume, with added reviews and ratings, as well as portfolios. Best of all, you are able to interview your top candidates in order to see who fits the job best! oDesk also provides free recruiting services whenever you feel like you need help.


Communication is Key

There are various ways you can communicate with your freelancer, its best to try out different options and see what works best for you. oDesk has a feature called oDesk Message Center which works great for communicating, similar to email. You can also use you personal email account outside of oDesk. Be sure to communicate what times work best for communication as well. Instant messaging works for quick questions or touching base. Video chat is good for those who feel more comfortable seeing their freelancer face-to-face. Skype or Google Hangout are both awesome services for this! Lastly, be sure to provide feedback to your freelancer as the job is being done so he or she can tweak things to make sure they come out as you wish.

Check it out today at http://www.odesk.com

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Sabrina Peixoto

Sabrina Peixoto