TECHnically Speaking: Reflections on the ABA TechShow

TECHnically Speaking: Reflections on the ABA TechShow

TECHnically Speaking: Reflections on the ABA TechShow

On March 7th, 2018, PracticePanther kicked off its third year at the annual ABA TechShow in Chicago, Illinois. If there’s anything we’ve learned in our three years’ worth of ABA memories and experiences, it’s that every year brings forth an incomparable and unique opportunity to connect with professionals from all corners of the legal, tech, and legal tech fields. Although each year is comprised of its own highlights and special moments, the one common thread between each ABA TechShow is its consistent ability to stimulate, challenge, and inspire the Panthers, both vets and newbies, who attend.


This year’s TechShow, held at the Hyatt Regency in the heart of downtown Chicago, presented our Panthers, as is the case every year, with the invaluable chance to make connections with so many incredible professionals. From lawyers, judges, and law professors to fellow software and various tech-based service providers, each individual who stopped by the PracticePanther booth was by no means just someone to whom we could explain our software (although we loved doing that!); they presented opportunities to even further expand our knowledge about how to continue contributing to and innovating in the field of legal tech.

Taste of ABA Techshow

Among our favorite events this year, as is usually the case, was the series of TechShow dinners held on the show’s first night. Although every person who stops by our booth is highly valued and appreciated, the ability to hold extensive conversations with some of our colleagues about different areas of the fields we are all passionate about was a particularly special experience. Of course, being able to do so while exploring some of Chicago’s finest cuisine wasn’t a bad caveat, either! I personally went to MCCormick & Schmick’s Seafood and Steaks with my colleagues Matt and Sam, two of PracticePanther’s Senior Account Managers. We stayed at the restaurant beyond our group’s scheduled end time of 10:30 pm because the conversations we carried on with everyone attending we so fantastic that none of us wanted to leave. We discussed our assigned topic of cybersecurity at length, with Matt and Sam providing a variety of tips for our group members about how to instantaneously maximize their firms’ security (and, consequently, that of their clients’ information). These included hints at password-encrypting browser extensions, general data encryption, and features to look for in a practice management software to ensure that it is a sufficiently secure database for your firm.

Final Day

Friday, the final day of the TechShow, was a flurry of activity for us. Our account managers and marketing analysts spent the bulk of their day connecting with as many attendees as possible, sharing the innumerable features our software has to offer with those who ventured to our booth as well as generally getting acquainted with a variety of legal professionals. We were given a fantastic opportunity by the Legal Talk Network to discuss one of our most exciting new developments as a company: our CEO David Bitton’s new book, The Secrets to Automating and Marketing Your Law Practice. We also took some time out of the final day to connect with other vendors at the show, coming across various exciting integration possibilities that I highly encourage our clients to stay tuned for!

As 3:00 pm rolled around and it became time to pack up our booth, we almost couldn’t believe it, and we found ourselves identifying profusely with a certain age-old cliche: time flies when you’re having fun. And “fun” feels far too simplistic to describe the fulfilling, exciting, enlightening, educational, and illuminating experience that was the 2018 ABA TechShow. But it’s a good place to start.

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Maria Barbera

Maria Barbera is the Marketing Director at PracticePanther. After completing two years on the President's List at Columbia University, Maria earned her Bachelor of Science in Political Science, minoring in Legal Philosophy, from Florida State University. While in college, Maria explored campaign analysis from a variety of perspectives. She interned as a Head Features Editor and Analyst at Metro International News in New York, NY. At the same time, she was the Associate Editor for Features at The Eye, Columbia University's weekly arts and culture magazine. She has also worked with Equality Florida as a Field Campaign intern, as well as in the Florida capital as a Legislative Policy Intern for the Office of State Representative Darryl Rouson. Maria aspires to put her fluency in five languages (English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Italian) to good use as an international human rights attorney in the future. She is tremendously passionate about the intersection of law and technology and the possibilities it holds for making the world a better place, which makes her tenure at a company as vibrant and innovative as PracticePanther all the more exciting.