How to Study for the Bar Exam in One Month

Law School Students: How to Study for the Bar Exam in One Month

How to Study for the Bar Exam in One Month

So, you want to know how to study for the bar exam in one month? I can’t say it’s the ideal route, but then again, you already knew that. Life happens. Whatever the reason may be, you’re in a pickle and have the bar exam scheduled in one month’s time. If it wasn’t crunch time before, it definitely is now. Given that your time is short, I won’t waste any more of it on what could have or should have been. Let’s go ahead and dive right in so you can learn how to study for the bar exam in one month.

A One Month “How To” Primer to Study for the Bar Exam

While there is a lot that you can prepare for, if you need to know how to study for the bar exam in one month, you’ll want to get down to the nitty-gritty pretty quickly.

To begin with, make sure that you set aside plenty of your time (a majority, some would argue) to concentrate on the areas of the bar exam that are tested more frequently than others. Examples include such mainstays as tort negligence or evidence (hearsay, presentation, etc.). Don’t neglect relevancy, either. (That’s another relevant test subject.)

Another critical piece of how to study for the bar exam in one month is memorization. Take your outlines (one at a time is the best practice) and work on it until it’s memorized. Take Con Law, for instance. If you need to, read all of your Con Law guides aloud, illustrate it with sketches if necessary, and above all, quiz yourself repeatedly by seeing how much of your study guide you can write out from memory.

Refresh yourself on that same knowledge the very next day after a good night’s rest to see how much you retained. Mark out your weak points and opportunity areas for later study, then pick another outline, such as torts. Work on your torts guide in the same way, then return to it as you did Con Law the next day, only follow up by re-testing yourself on that as well.

In this way, you are always building up your repertoire of knowledge, testing yourself on multiple sections each and every day. This cumulative self-testing strategy will work wonders if you can stick to it.

After you have mastered as much as you can of your study outlines for the pertinent sections of the bar exam, get your hands on some real bar exam test questions. In learning how to study for the bar exam in one month, this is absolutely pivotal. You need actual test questions that have appeared on previous bar exams to adequately prepare yourself for what is to come.

To make your results even more likely to be replicated on the actual bar exam, you will also need to time yourself as you answer the questions, in order to make sure you are doing so within the allotted time limit.

A Quick Reality Check on Studying for the Bar Exam in One Month

Once you’ve done this, you should hold off just a bit on congratulating yourself, because if I stopped here, I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence in telling you exactly how to study for the bar exam in one month. There is still one final piece to this puzzle. That’s right.

The essay section.

Thankfully, you can prep for this portion in the exact same way as you have done for the rest of the bar exam. Memorize as much as humanly possible of the frequently tested areas of the law.

In addition to this, there are some practical tips that Smart Bar Prep advises you to follow. For one, don’t bother citing statutes or cases in your response, as they aren’t required. Second, only argue for one side of an issue, or you’ll end up working twice as hard for no reason. Make sure your answer is full and complete, relevant to the question without extraneous information, and never make an assumption.

Lastly, and this cannot be stressed enough in advising you on how to study for the bar exam in one month… Finish. Your. Essays.

Your time will be extremely limited for any individual essay response. You should only budget about a half-hour for each question. If you’re taking longer than this, work to complete the essay you are on and move on as soon as reasonably possible. Otherwise, you will forfeit much-needed points on your bar exam.

And that’s pretty much it. To echo this, JD Advising has some succinct advice on how to study for the bar exam in one month: “If you plan to study for the bar exam in a month, efficiency must be your motto. You cannot get lost in the minutia. And you have to focus on getting the most points. This means you want to focus on (a) the highly tested areas of law and (b) the skills that you can develop in a short amount of time.” It’s just as simple — and as difficult — as that.


If I could put the essence of how to study for the bar exam in one month in a nutshell, I would say it this way: buckle down hard and get the most bang for your buck. That is to say, use every minute of your time wisely, concentrate on the most likely areas to be tested, review daily, and toward the end time yourself as much as possible. If you do this, your efforts to learn how to study for the bar exam in one month will not be in vain.

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