Law Firm Marketing: Using SEO to Improve Your Law Firm’s Visibility

Law Firm Marketing: Using SEO to Improve Your Law Firm’s Visibility

Why is SEO a Good Marketing Initiative

Law Firm Marketing: Using SEO to Improve Your Law Firm’s VisibilityCreating a website is easy. Even if you have never developed a website from scratch, with the right tools you can build a website in one afternoon. SEO, however, is all about strategy. Although it’s easy once you understand it, it can be a bit confusing at first.

Having a quality, SEO-centric website will help build your reputation in the community. If you have solid information on your site that locals find useful and engaging, they will remember you next time they need to hire a lawyer. The overall goal is to create value for potential clients. This is how you market for an attorney. Google accounted for almost 80% of all search engine activity last year. Ultimately, you have to play by Google’s rules. To win at SEO, you have to conquer the Google playbook.


One important aspect of any website is the written content. High ranking content has fresh, unique, and useful articles. Having a blog that discusses legal topics and is updated on a weekly basis is one way to keep content current. It helps if the website is integrated with social media. It should be easy to share the posts on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Not only does this make the content more interactive, but it also helps increase visibility.

You want the blog to focus on content that is pertinent to your specialty. But there is also room to write about content that is relevant to your community, especially if you are trying to appeal to locals. For example, you can talk about community events that you think clients would be interested in attending.

The Site

As far as the website itself, you want a design that stands out but is still accessible. You want to make sure important information is easy to find and the organization structure of the website follows a logical pattern. If it takes a visitor, a minute to find the list of your practice areas, they are going to hit the backspace. Incorporating multimedia makes a big difference, too. Pictures and videos will draw the attention of visitors. A lot of computer users would rather watch a video than read long blocks of text.

The website name is also significant because it affects search results. One thing that will help is having the website embedded on other platforms, such as WordPress.  It also helps if the site can be accessed by more than one domain name. Choose a domain that has keywords in it, like attorney, lawyer, the name of your town, etc. You want a name that will naturally come up when people in your area search “lawyer” in a search engine.


To really make the most out of your website, you have to keep track of your website statistics. Check how many people visit the site each week and check how long the average person is staying on the site before leaving it. This will give you an idea as to what content people are responding to the most.

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Dorlene Pierre

Dorlene Pierre

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