Secure and Encrypted Password Storage for Lawyers & Firms


Every lawyer and law firm needs to keep track of numerous amounts of passwords, which becomes increasingly overwhelming. What tends to happen is they just use the same 3 variations of passwords for each site – NOT the best way to be doing things! If someone gets hold of only 1 password, you can imagine the destruction they could potentially do. That’s where LastPass comes into play. By using their cloud-based plugin, they can generate extremely secure passwords for each site and remember them for you automatically using your Master Password (make sure this one is very secure). An example of an auto-generated password is “d2erq!2321e$#AdfKs0!”. You get the idea.

If you have a firm, you can even choose to share certain passwords with other partners or paralegals. The best part is – they will be able to login to those sites, BUT they will not be able to see what the actual password is.


So what is LastPass?

LastPass is an easy, secure password manager that is completely free. Ever get logged out then have to go through all our passwords to figure out which password could possibly work? There’s no need to do that with LastPass. No more struggling to remember and keep track of all of your online accounts. This is an effortless manager to access your login data and create an easy environment for you and your work.


Simplify Your Life

We all have too much going on every day to think about what password could work for our different accounts. Your online experience should be simple, fast and easy. You should not be taking time out of your day typing your logins into each website. Getting as much done during your work day can get you out of the office quicker. Needing to remember passwords can create headaches and a hassle for you. LastPass completely takes care of such problems for you! Keeping everyone in one program is the answer to a simple way to connect, explore the internet, and finish tasks off your to-do list.


Share and encrypt passwords with employees

Have a company with various employees? No need to give everyone a list of all usernames and passwords. You can simply have everyone sign up with LastPass and never have to worry about the security of your company’s information. The hassle of constantly reminding employees of different passwords will never have to happen.


LastPass Does The Work For You

Once you take the few seconds it takes to download and create a LastPass password account, you will be saving yourself countless hours every month. You will be able to securely store login information, and even auto-login to sites you choose. This program is also compatible with all browsers including iPhone and Android apps as well!


Why We Love LastPass

Not only is this a very efficient way to make your day as productive as possible, but once the program is installed into your computer, anytime you sign onto a new website to make an account, Lastpass will ask if you would like for it to remember your username and password for that website as well. If your computer crashes, you won’t lose anything as you can simply login on your new computer.

Here is a simply, easy to follow video to get you all set up with LastPass for a smooth future with every major platform! If you’ve used LastPass or another way to manage your passwords, let us know about it below!


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