Reviewing a Legal Practice Management Software for Attorneys



Reviewing a legal practice management software for attorneys

Legal practice management software can help attorneys conveniently manage their client information and cases all-in-one if executed correctly. There are so many factors to consider when you review each software to make your decision. Is it the right fit for me? It is easy to use? Does it have TOO many features I will never use? With so many questions and so little time, it’s hard to make the right decision especially when you’re “on the clock”.


Staying Organized

One of the keys to success is staying organized. See that big pile of paperwork on your desk? It shouldn’t be there. The easiest way to maximize efficiency and productivity is to clear the mess on your desk and move everything online where it’s safe and secure. If you’re ever thinking of expanding your practice to new heights, you will need a system that can grow and scale with you (not only in price but also in features).



Stay in Sync

Most lawyers these days have pretty busy schedules. It’s hard to keep up with all the tasks, appointments, meetings, hearings, and then of course – finding time to get actual work done!

Working from the road, in your car, on vacation, and at home, may seem like an everyday occurrence. You need to stay in sync from device to device. You should always look for a legal practice management software that can sync your meeting calendar with your phone calendar.



So many options, so little time!

The search for the perfect legal practice management software may seem daunting and endless. There are so many options available. Which do I choose? How can I compare? Are the most expensive ones better? Will they take longer to learn? Will they take me more time to figure out how to use then a more affordable basic program? There are so many different legal practice management software’s available so you need to figure out which is best for you and the size of your firm.


How do you size up?

The many different sizes of firms range from solo attorneys to the small, mid-sized and large firms out there, so you can only imagine the differences between these firms when it comes to time tracking, the amount of people allowed to access the software, accounting, CRM, contacts, case management and so on. The size of your firm is a crucial part of how to decide which software is the best fit for you. A perfect example for a software that can be used for firms ranging from solo attorneys to large firms would be PracticePanther. Although they are hard to find, the software’s that cater to both small and large firms are best because they offer room to grow and scale. Once your firm grows you don’t want to have to switch over to a different software. Reviewing each legal practice management software is tedious. Our best recommendation is to try a free trial and see for yourself if it fits your needs. If you still can’t decide, you should search for a consultant through referrals, on the internet, in yellow pages or through other attorneys you may know. You don’t want to make the wrong mistake and pay for a software that doesn’t fit your needs. If you decide to look for a software on your own, make sure the software you are searching for has: Time Tracking, Invoice & Billing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Case Management, Calendar, and Trust Accounting – these will all be available if you are looking at a high quality legal practice management software for attorneys. They are essential in keeping up with daily tasks, billing, etc…


Want to give it a try? Start your free trial today. No credit card required.


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