Get A Professional 1-800 Office Number For Your Law Firm


Get A Professional 1-800 Office Number For Your Law Firm

Setting up a 1800 number or 855 number can be a great branding tool for your practice because you look more professional and bigger than you actually are. The cool thing is that you don’t need any fancy phone systems or internet cables to get started. In this lesson, you will learn exactly how to set up get a professional 1800 number or 855 number and how you can actually forward any calls directly to your cell phone from that number.

Links discussed in the video:

1. – Professional phone numbers with directories and menus.

2. – Professional phone numbers with directories and menus.

3. – Get a professional voice-over artist to record your greetings and voicemail.

Video Script:

Hey everyone! In this video, I’m going to teach you how to setup your own professional 1-800 number or 855 number so someone call you to that number. It’s very important for branding to have an 800 number because it makes you look a lot more professional, a lot bigger, more like a bigger company. So it makes you a lot bigger than you actually be. The cool thing is you don’t need any fancy phone system, or internet cables or big phones in your office or your home. It actually can work and forward all the calls directly to your personal cellphone number or any number that you want. You can also make calls from your cellphone using the iPhone or android app calling out with an 800 number or with a local number as well, if you like. There are two companies that we’ve used in the past we really liked. The first one is and the second one is They’re fairly similar, fairly similarly priced, same features and options. Just try them both and see which ones you like better.



Right now we’re actually on the system. We used to use the Now, really important, if this is your first time using either systems, check for coupon codes online on Google because normally they have really good deals for the first time customers and for the first year you can almost get half off or 30% off. The cool thing about an 800 number is that when someone calls that number, it rings then it can actually go to a directory where you could have a professional voice over saying “Thank you for calling the law office of David Bitton. For Sales, press 1. If you’re a current customer, press 2.” You could have something like that. And you could forward calls to different people if you want. Or you’ll know when you answer the phone, what directory they called and what menu they called. You could also have directory, you know, press 555 for my extension or 527 for someone else’s extension. So you could have that. And last but not the least you could also have a office hours, from this time to this time – 8 to 5 for example, you have this voice mail and then after hours you could have a different saying “our offices are now closed”, as well as for the weekends. Now, really important, this is actually super cool that will separate you from the rest. There’s a website that I’ve mentioned before called, and you could actually get a professional male or female voice over to actually give you a nice professional sounding message when someone calls in a nice voice. English voice, British voice, whatever accent you want as well. I’m going to post a link at the bottom of this video description with the actual voice over artist that we’ve used for our videos and you could use the same one for under $10 you get a professional voice recorder.


Alright! I hope that helps you guys out and let us know what you think or if you have any questions at all. Enjoy!

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