Update: In September 2020, PracticePanther launched its own native PantherPayments solution, which makes payments even more seamless for customers. The integration with LawPay continues to be available to all customers.


PracticePanther is Proud to Announce Its New Partnership with LawPay in an Effort to Streamline Secure Payments

PracticePanther has now added LawPay to its software 

North Miami Beach, FL (Jan 11th, 2017)- PracticePanther.com, a leading legal case management software company, will soon revolutionize its already seamless payment and billing systems with PantherPayments. Powered by LawPay, the new software solution will allow attorneys and firms to get paid faster, taking credit cards and eChecks from clients and accepting all payments through an online system.

CEO of PracticePanther, David Bitton, recently explained:

“PracticePanther is committed to offering the solutions that attorneys need to keep all their billing and payments in check, ensuring firms stay tax compliant and organized all year round. Our new PantherPayments system makes it easier for clients to make secure payments, and allows attorneys to keep track of their incoming and outgoing funds.”

Using the new system, clients can pay their attorney from their phone or computer, using a simple ‘Pay Now’ button. Automatic payment receipts are generated for all clients, with an email outlining how much was paid and when. Invoices are also automatically updated by the software with the amount paid and the balance remaining, allowing both parties to keep track.

The feature will drastically change how law firms work in the United States and beyond, taking away the need for attorneys calling, emailing or writing to clients on a regular basis to update them on their account.

Powered by LawPay, the most trusted and recognized merchant processor that’s approved by the American Bar Association, this new software system makes PracticePanther one of the most exciting software innovators in the law world. PantherPayments also abides by IOLTA guidelines, which state that earned and unearned fees must be separated – so, when a retainer payment is made into a trust account, the fees will only be taken from an operating account, ensuring that all PantherPayments users are 100% tax and law compliant.

Discussing the announcement, PracticePanther CTO Ori Tamuz explained:

“PantherPayments builds on PracticePanther’s long-held commitment to payment security and record keeping. Our software already seamlessly works with LawPay and PayPal, and makes it easy for clients and attorneys to see all transactions in one place. PantherPayments takes it one step further by working more closely with LawPay to keep attorneys compliant with tax regulations.”

Attorneys using PracticePanther for their office, employees and clients can enjoy low monthly costs, no setup or training costs and free upgrades whenever PracticePanther introduces intuitive new features.

About PracticePanther.com

PraticePanther is an intuitive software solution designed for legal case management, giving paralegals and attorneys a wide range of features to aid communication, document management, trust accounting and billing. PracticePanther integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Quickbooks Online, Dropbox, and a multitude of other online software solutions that define a modern attorney’s workspace.

The online system allows attorneys, paralegals and clients all stay up-to-date with case information and news, keep in touch and see real-time developments.

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