PracticePanther Announces New Flat Fee Billing Feature

PracticePanther Announces New Flat Fee Billing Feature

PracticePanther Announces New Flat Fee Billing Feature Miami, FL – August 2018 – As part of their efforts to simultaneously simplify procedures and expand options for legal billing all over the world, PracticePanther announced today a new flat fee billing feature.

This feature allows attorneys to log individual or multiple flat fee services on their cases and bill for them afterward. This development serves four primary purposes for law firm automation. These are to allow legal professionals to log and review their flat fee services as they work (rather than waiting until the billing stage to review all charges); to log discounts prior to generating invoices, then apply them to invoices when needed; to track and review the amount of discounts distributed by their firm throughout a given time period; and to select a billing attorney per flat fee, thereby making monthly, quarterly, or yearly revenue reporting considerably more comprehensive.

Staying in line with its objectives of customization and versatility in functionality, PracticePanther has not limited its flat fee billing feature to one at a time. Instead, the software allows for its users to generate and log up to 10 flat fee services at once. This development even allows PracticePanther users to designate default fields that will auto-populate their information to all new flat fee entries.

“Billing is an undeniably complex process, and it is the job of practice management software not just to understand that, but to simplify it as much as possible,” says PracticePanther’s CEO David Bitton. “Our new flat fee billing feature doesn’t just present attorneys with a new billing option; it facilitates users’ ability to keep track of how much each attorney in their firm is billing and why. In a field as ever-changing as the practice of law, it’s important – now more than ever – to have options, and the flat fee billing feature provides just that.”

Anyone interested in learning more about PracticePanther’s exciting new development is welcome to visit the Support forum for a detailed, step-by-step guide to harnessing all that this feature has to offer. They are also welcome to schedule a one-on-one demo with a PracticePanther expert in order to see the feature’s functionality first-hand.


PraticePanther is an easy to use and secure legal case management software for thousands of lawyers and paralegals in over 170 countries worldwide. Attorneys and paralegals have a wide range of features to aid communication, document management, trust accounting, billing, and much more. PracticePanther integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Quickbooks Online, Dropbox, Zapier and a multitude of other online solutions that define a modern attorney’s workspace.


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