PracticePanther and Lawmarics Announce Integration Partnership

PracticePanther and Lawmatics Announce Integration Partnership

PracticePanther and Lawmarics Announce Integration Partnership

Miami, FL – July 2018 – PracticePanther and Lawmatics announced today a direct integration between the two platforms to maximize the efficiency with which attorneys keep track of their leads, establish and maintain communication with incoming clients, and ensure that their firms remain top-of-mind to prospective and present clients.

The direct integration between PracticePanther’s practice management software and Lawmatics’ CMR, intake, and marketing platform serves to streamline the entire process by which lawyers make initial contact with, evaluate, and advocate for their clients. Lawmatics, a platform whose cutting edge CRM and marketing services are created “by lawyers for lawyers” finds extraordinarily compatibility in PracticePanther, a software thought up and realized with the specific needs of attorneys in mind.

PracticePanther and Lawmatics demonstrate this prioritization of lawyers’ needs in every angle of their respective platforms, aiming for both functionality and ease of use in their interfaces and efficacy in their objectives. Through its email drip campaigns, audience lists, pipeline, and automated CRM, Lawmatics makes the process of client intake extraordinarily intuitive. PracticePanther maximizes attorneys’ organization in all respects, from CRM to billing, allowing attorneys to dedicate more of their valuable time to practicing law by effectively eliminating the need to waste it on administrative tasks. Lawmatics CEO Matt Spiegel says, “Lawmatics provides attorneys with an unparalleled intake and marketing automation platform. As soon as a new lead hires a firm, it is so important to make a seamless transition into a system that will handle the case management. PracticePanther is one of the leading and fastest growing practice management platforms on the market and building a robust integration with them was a top priority for us. Combined, we provide a solution for the complete lifecycle of a law firm client.”

By combining forces, PracticePanther and Lawmatics are streamlining, and maximizing the profitability of, every step of the client intake and advocacy process, priming attorneys to be more efficient, and higher performing, than ever before. Maria Barbera, the Marketing Director at PracticePanther, says, “Lawmatics is an extremely intelligent, effective platform, and its various features prime attorneys for success from the moment a client first engages with them onward. These services complement PracticePanther’s ability to streamline attorneys’ workload and make the most of their time exceptionally well. With this integration, attorneys will be able to harness two powerful platforms to optimize their services and client relationships, beginning to end.”

By combining the specificity, intuitiveness, and efficacy of their services, PracticePanther and Lawmatics have launched an integration with unprecedented implications for the marketability and profitability of law firms everywhere. The invaluable collaboration between these two innovative platforms will afford attorneys an avenue for more professional success than ever before.

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PracticePanther is a leading provider of cloud-based law practice management and billing software for law firms, serving customers in over 170 countries. The company provides a mobile and web-based application to help lawyers automate and streamline their workflows by handling time and expense tracking, invoicing, document management, payment processing, and trust accounting among other functionality and third-party integrations from a single application. PracticePanther offers top in class customer service via webinars, tutorials, videos, chat, email, and phone.


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