The Five C’s of Online Marketing for Law Offices


Online Marketing for Law Offices

Would you like to see more business come from your law firm’s website? Are your current efforts yielding little results? I have good news for you today. These helpful tips may be the solution to your problem, and I call them the “5 C’s of Online Marketing for Law Offices”

1. Credibility

When people choose an attorney, they want someone they can trust, and it’s vital to have a professional online appearance. So how do you look professional and legit?

  • Present a professional looking website – legal clients want to do business with professionals they can trust. Your home page should let people know they are checking out top quality attorneys and staff.
  • Make sure your website is always current and up to date – laws change, and nothing is more frustrating than reading outdated information or worse, clicking on a link and getting a “404 error”. That tells the world you don’t know (or care about) what you are doing.
  • Your website must be quick – according to KISSmetrics (analytics, marketing, and testing blog) 40 percent of visitors leave when a web page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Plus, nearly half of all online visitors expect web pages to load in 2 seconds, that’s why professional websites have pages that load fast.

2. Content

Content truly is “king” because people are in a hurry these days. They want real information that is easy to read. Plus they expect content that is relevant to their legal situations. Also, the more relevant and timely your copy is, the better you will perform in the search engines, because Google has become very big on “relevancy”. Such content could be well-written copy, engaging online videos or simply a monthly newsletter offering audiences special insight on a relevant topic.

3. Customization

If you want to surpass the competition, you need to stand out from the rest, and this is NOT done with web page templates. Offer your visitors a unique website that is not like all the other legal services websites in your area. A customized site shows that you have the courage to be original, and people love originality.

4. Conversion

Focus your efforts on converting visitors to interested parties that eventually will become your new legal clients. Here are the steps to higher conversion rates that generate more leads and increase business:

  • Well-written content (you may need to hire a professional writer)
  • A website that is a breeze to navigate
  • A simple and easy to use contact form

5. Call to Action

Every marketing strategy needs a CTA or call to action. This can be the deciding factor in the decision making process. A well designed call to action makes the visitor fill out the contact form or pick up the phone for more information. That is the closer that all marketing materials must have.

The Value of Professional Help

To get the most from your marketing efforts, consider hiring a quality website designer or SEO firm that will place your website high in the search engine ranks. These people can give you a unique and professional looking site that establishes trust. Your online visitors will easily find all the information they need, and they will be inspired and motivated to take action. What are your thoughts on this subject? We’d love to hear from you.


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