Tips for Choosing an Online Legal Software for Lawyers


Tips for Choosing an Online Legal Software for Lawyers

There are many questions you probably have when you’re searching Google/Yahoo/Bing for the best online legal software for lawyers. You’ve probably stumbled here because you are constantly asking your paralegal, “what is my next client’s case about again?”. You need a way to stay organized and access all of your clients information online, from any device, anytime, and anywhere.

PracticePanther is the number one online legal software for lawyers. With all the features needed to successfully get through your workday, being organized has never been easier.

As an attorney, when you are looking for an online software for yourself and maybe even your company, you will need to look for some specific tools that will make all the difference. These special tools are:

Time tracking: One of the most sought after tools for someone as busy as a lawyer. You want to stay professional, up to date, accessible and organized while on the job–and off.

Invoicing and billing: This will save you an extra step when billing your customers. When you make it easy for them, they are happier with what you are offering-even if they have to pay. This is one of the most important tools when considering convenience and effectiveness.

Case Management Tools: Conveniently manage case files, tasks, meetings, hearings, appointments, and more. Everything is easily located in one digital folder online for you. Write notes. Check the status. Quickly see what needs to get done. Have a client appointment? Catch up on the last calls notes to see where everything stands. Knowing what your next client’s case is about will save you time and make you a more professional and organized attorney, leaving you with more potential clients that will be open to trusting you with their business (and money).

Accounting tools: Why use a separate software when there is one already built-in at Our accounting tools will do everything you need, and show that you made the right decision when you realize everything is finished and you are ready to go home before 6:00pm. By trusting one of the most used online legal software for lawyers around, you will see significant differences in the way your time seems to start freeing up.

Calendar: Plug in the dates and we will make sure you remember what you need to get done- no more writing half of your appointments on your wall calendar and the other half in your daily planner. This will be just one of the perks when choosing to convert to a good online legal software for lawyers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): We know your customers are the most important and fragile part of your job. With our CRM tool, we will help you keep up with the relationships you have built with your customers, and all the information they bring with them. You will never have that feeling of trying to remember your potential client’s name—they don’t care if it’s on the tip of your tongue! Getting into the rhythm of staying organized will be easier than ever.


All of these tools are important to being the best attorney you can be, all the time. We don’t want to see you take the wrong turn and miss out on such a great opportunity for your career! So, click here to try our free trial, no credit card needed.


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