Popular Online Legal Billing Software in the Cloud


Online Legal Billing Software in the Cloud


As a lawyer, attorney, paralegal, and law firm, you want the best and safest legal billing software in the cloud. Why you ask? So you can access your data from anywhere at any time. And with any device. Sounds like a fantasy? It’s actually a reality and exists today.


What is this “Cloud” thing anyways?

You might have heard the term “cloud” for some time now, and it’s only going to get more popular each day. Back in the ol-days, companies would store all of their scanned files, and shared folders on a big, bulky, expensive server in their office. You might even say to yourself – “hey, I still have one of those in our office!”. And I’m sure you know just how much the IT bill comes out to be every year as well. The cloud basically just means saving all of your files online instead of on a server in an office that needs maintenance, support, and security.


Why you shouldn’t have a server

What would happen if your server got attacked by a virus or hacker one day? What if you lost all of your information one morning? Years of work in the making! How much money have you spent each time the server went down? These costs and headaches can make the difference between a small firm or solo practice to a large practice that is more organized and scalable to grow.


Is the cloud secure?

It’s as secure as it can get! Many people argue that they prefer to have their information stored on their own server or personal computers or backup hard drives. These are all things of the past now. Anything with a physical spinning drive (and even an SSD drive – don’t worry if you don’t know what this means), is prone to data corruption and data loss. If you get an electrical surge, someone steals your computer, a fire breaks out, you will lose EVERYTHING. This is why millions have moved their files to an online legal billing software in the cloud. It’s ALWAYS protected and always secure and backed up. You never have to worry about losing data. Ever. Again.


Military grade encryption

We can go on and on telling you how safe PracticePanther’s legal billing software in the cloud is. That is has 256-bit military grade encryption and use all sorts of fancy words and terminology. But you still wouldn’t know what that means. In a nutshell, it’s the same security standards as your online banking such as Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. You should never have to worry or feel like your personal information is going to be shared with the rest of the world, so trusting PracticePanther with your billing information is a safe bet—and that’s exactly what you want to be, SAFE.


Legal billing software online

Using a high-end online legal billing software in the cloud will help your practice grow and keep you organized. Don’t get a bar complaint because you’re not organized and you missed a deadline. Some other things to look for when finding the right legal practice software for you/your company should be: Time Tracking, Invoice & Billing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Case Management, Calendar, and Accounting tools. Yet the most important of all is security. Don’t let your clientele be the victim of a poor choice of online legal billing software in the cloud! Questions?


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