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PracticePanther’s New Gmail Add-On Changes the Automation Game

PracticePanther is thrilled to take this opportunity to describe one of our most exciting solutions on the quest to maximize efficiency for law firms everywhere: the Gmail add-on. This add-on to our software is much more than a simple email integration; instead of working around your software to organize your email (or vice-versa), use each one as a tool to streamline and sort the other. You’re free to access our step-by-step guide written by our Training Experts, which details all of the information you’ll need to set up and begin using the PracticePanther Gmail plug-in. Read on to discover how our Gmail add-on will save you more time than ever.

You Can Do What on Gmail Now?

Add Contacts to PracticePanther from your Gmail account. Yeah, that’s exactly right- you can now create new Contacts in your PracticePanther database without ever exiting out of Gmail. Simply click the PracticePanther logo that will appear in your inbox once you complete the setup. Simply select “Add” next to the email contact you’re looking to populate into the software, and PracticePanther fields will automatically appear for you to write down all of your Contact’s most important information (first and last name, phone numbers, and other information you’ve pre-set for your Contacts in PracticePanther in addition to their email). Simply click “Save,” and there you have it– the Contact will be automatically accessible in your PracticePanther account!

Search for existing contacts. Having an important conversation via email with a current client? You might be dying to add notes to their tab in your PracticePanther account, and the steps it would take to log back into the software and find the appropriate page are numerous (and time-wasting). Until now. With our add-on, one of two things can happen for you to locate contact from your inbox in PracticePanther: either they will automatically be identified by their email, or barring that, you’re free to search through PracticePanther for them through your inbox!

Save important emails directly onto your client’s PracticePanther account by hitting “Save Email.” Create new tasks for associated Contacts in PracticePanther simply by clicking our logo in your inbox, then selecting “+Task.” Create new time entries by clicking our logo, then “+Time.” Have all activities conducted within your email be tracked on PracticePanther under “Client Activities.”  The automation is seamless, and the possibilities for more effectively (and efficiently!) managing your clients are endless with our intuitive, user-friendly plug-in.


If automation is the name of our game, then our Gmail add-on is the MVP. This easy-to-use integration is an effortless way to organize faster, allowing you to get down to what you’re best at advocating for your clients. Take this one small step for Panthers, one giant leap for lawyer-kind and make the most of the time-saving possibilities that our software places in the middle of your paw- er, palm of your hand.

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