New Feature: Real-Time Notifications & Alerts


We normally announce most updates on our dedicated Updates page, but we were so excited for this feature, it deserved it’s own spot on our blog.

Much like Facebook, you want to know everything happening in your firm, especially if you’re out of the office or taking a much needed vacation. Our new notification icon on the top of your screen will let you know everything happening with every user, contact, and matter that you’re following.

To follow, go into any contact, matter, or user, and click the new “Follow” button on top. By default, you are following any contact or matter assigned to you.

You will now receive notifications for the following events:


  1. New payment created
  2. Online payment received
  3. Invoices
  4. New invoice created
  5. Invoice viewed by client
  6. Invoice sent to client




  1. New task
  2. Task completed
  3. Task in progress
  4. New call log
  5. New event
  6. New email


Time Entries

  1. New Time Entry


  1. New Expense



  1. New contact created (and assigned to you)


  1. New matter created (and assigned to you)


Here is a screenshot showing an example:


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